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Where should I visit in Florence, Italy ?

Florence, Italy is one of the most fascinating destinations in Europe. Florence is the city of magnificent culture and art with numerous public sanctuaries, art museums and renaissance architecture. You can also find the best place for outdoor shopping in Florence, along with its inviting locale’s elements.

One of the places in Florence that you should not miss when you visit is the street market in San Lorenzo. Spend an hour or two shopping for jewelries, tapestries and leather goods at the most affordable prices. Do not hesitate to dot shoulder-to-shoulder haggling,since this is actually a normal part of the fun shopping experience in this lively avenue of kiosks and stalls. After your shopping, drop by at the Cathedral of Santa Maria dei fiori to visit impressive domed temple. Climb the cupola to view some astounding panoramas of Florence.

Florence is also the place where you can find the quality restaurants of Italy. Moreover, if you want the best dining experience, try La Giostra in Borgo Pinti. This restaurant has a romantic earthly setting that goes with a twist added to most Italian classics. With Florence’s number of museums, you might not get to see all of it if you have limited time, but two of the best museums are the Galleria dell’Accademia and Gallerie degli Uffizi that highlight Michelangelo and Da Vinci’s works.

Allocate some time to visit the Piazza Della Signoria where the most beautiful statue sits, as well as the most famous Fountain of Neptune. The plaza is also the city’s number one place for people who love to hang out and do some street activities. At night, enjoy some of Florence’s wine bars like Il Volpe e L’uva located in Piazza de’ Rossi which is the paradise for most wine-lovers.

If you want a majestic trip back in time, the Palazzo Medici-Ricardi is the best place for you. Constructed way back in the 1400s, this stunning palace is considered one of the world’s ancient wonders. Make sure to call for reservations or be there early in the morning for there is limitation on the number of visitors. Remember to bring your camera if you visit Florence, Italy to capture the wonders of the most famous ancient work of art.

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