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How can I budget for a dream vacation ?

A dream vacation is one of the few things people daydream about – it’s all imagined in your head: the location, activities, room, transportation and other details. However, creating a budget to fulfill this dream can be a hard thing and more often than not, people overspend on vacation because of poor budgeting. Here is a way to experience your dream vacation within your budget:

1) It’s all about location, location, location – Although most people have a dream destination on their minds, some are not specific enough. If you want to go to Italy, which part do you want to stay in? If you’re dreaming of a Mexican getaway, which cities would you like to explore? While determining a specific city for your vacation, also check for accommodations and the respective fees.

2) Check the activities you want to participate in – Different locations offer various events and activities, so make sure you know what to expect when you’re choosing for a destination. Check the costs and fees to attend such events to have an idea of how much you’ll spend to have an exciting vacation.

3) Check for Food and shopping expenses – Of course, your dream vacation won’t be complete without tasting local food. Check out how much restaurants charge for food. Although the figure for food expenses would just be an estimate, the amount would help your budget and help you decide on which eateries to try when you arrive. Moreover, you need to decide how much money you can allot for your shopping.

4) Transportation – Whether you’re flying, taking a bus, riding your own car or traveling by sea, you need to check the fees for each vehicle you’ll be riding. Most companies offer ticket prices for their services, so be sure to check for the fees before packing your bags.

Once you’ve listed down all the information from your research, you just need to add them up to get an estimate of your dream vacation budget. Make sure to add up to 15% for incidentals. The total would provide you with a rough estimate of your budget needs.

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