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What are Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive Cruise Ships ?

Taking a vacation is recommended for many – to get away from the hustles and bustles of life. But the last thing you need to be worried about with is the costs involved. Planning a vacation, especially a cruise ship vacation can be a headache as expenses such as food, drinks and entertainment come into the equation. Are all-inclusive cruise ships the answer to this headache?

Is it really true that all-inclusive cruise ships includes the costs of your drinks, food and entertainment and you don’t pretty much have to worry about anything else? Are they the perfect holiday getaway? What about traditional cruise ships? Surely, if all-inclusive cruise ships take care of everything and the cost is already pre-determined, this would render traditional cruise ships less appealing. You are not alone if you are wondering about this as many travellers are also pondering on the same question as they choose between a traditional cruise ship as against an all-inclusive cruise ship.

Of course, this article does not seek to compare the traditional cruise ships against all-inclusive cruise ships. Rather, it takes a look at the pros and cons of all-inclusive cruise ships and hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have an idea of what you should or should not expect from an all-inclusive cruise ship.

Are you a lover of food? Good news for you! Many travellers on-board all-inclusive cruise ships remarked that they are well fed onboard such cruises. In what is probably one of the greatest selling points of all-inclusive cruise ships, you can eat and drink to your heart’s content 24 hours a day at the various food and beverage outlets. That is like having buffet all day long!

Fancy a movie or a show? No more paying of tickets. You can now watch movies in the cinemas onboard or watch an exclusive performance like magic show, cabaret or singing performance for free. Just grab your seats and let the show begin!

Though technically food and drinks are fully paid for, not all items are. This is especially so when it comes to alcoholic beverages which may not be free on all cruise ships which offer the all-inclusive package or the types of alcoholic beverages may be restricted to some whilst some hard liquor may be chargeable. The cruise ships or their travel agents might not be able to give you a details of what items are free and what are payable.

Again, when it comes to food, the common buffet spread in the food outlets are usually covered in the all-inclusive package. However, fine dining at some of the more exclusive outlets may be chargeable. Of course, if you are not too particular about food and can make do with buffet, that would be a non-issue but if you are thinking of having a memorable cruise by having a fine dining experience onboard, then be prepared to take out your wallet. Meanwhile, snacks and small meals at specialty shops and / or vending machines are also chargeable for obvious reasons.

So, in a way, it could be summarised that an all-inclusive cruise ship vacation may not be all that bad if you are not too picky or choosy about what is being offered in terms of food, drinks and entertainment. For most cruise travellers, what is offered is often enough to satisfy them. However, if you are looking for that little extra, then you should find out the details of what are actually offered and what are not so that you can make an informed choice whether all-inclusive cruise vacations is the right choice for you.

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