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Should I take a vacation in Mexico ?

Mexico is one of those countries that many people love and many people don’t love simply for many reasons that date back to many years ago. Mexico is one of the leading producers in the world for illegal drugs and they smuggle their drugs to all parts of the world, which is why most people don’t really like Mexico too much. Now although a lot of people in Mexico are involved in the illegal drug world in Mexico they typically stay in certain areas. You don’t want to travel to Mexico in my opinion without first gaining a firm understanding of how everything is run in Mexico. There are tons of amazing and breathtaking vacation retreats in Mexico that are super affordable though and you should be able to take advantage of these without being worried about your safety. Most of the resorts are enclosed along the ocean shorelines and are never bothered by any of the people in the drug world which is where most tourists stay. You don’t typically want to venture in areas unknown to you in Mexico because there are a lot of dangerous people roaming the streets.

Mexico is home to regions like Cancun though and these are popular tourist regions visited by millions of people every single year. If you enjoy beaches, water and some sun then you’ll absolutely love what they can offer you in Cancun. It’s always sunny as its right near the equator and the beaches are golden colored with beautiful lined palm trees. Cancun is one of the safest areas in Mexico as well due to the high demand for tourism in the area. If you plan on going to a place like Cancun then make sure you don’t let your guard down but ensure you still enjoy yourself. There is usually nothing to worry about, but if you get a bad feeling about anything then make sure to voice yourself no matter what.

If you like playing it on the safe side then you might want to consider one of the many splendid cruises available in and around the Mexican region. There are absolutely stunning cruise ships that go through the oceans in this area and you’re a lot more secure on a ship. You will also still get to visit many of the areas in Mexico when your cruise ports for the day, so this option is one becoming a lot more popular. There is also a lot more to do on a luxurious cruise ship then there is to do in some of the Mexican tourist regions especially for families. The cost of a cruise ship will be more then if you were to stay inland in hotels, but the experience of being out on the ocean for the time of you vacation is amazing and if you’ve never been on a cruise before you should definitely consider it. Mexico is an area that some still remain scared to visit for whatever reason it may be, but as long as you stay in the tourist areas you’ll be fine. Just don’t venture into any regions that you’re unsure of because then you never know what could happen.

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  1. Maureen Webster said :

    Mexico IS NOT safe. Staying inside the resort DOES NOT ensure your safety. Please visit: http://WWW.MEXICOVACATIONAWARENESS.COM
    I think after reading this website you will agree.


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