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Is there a travel card that I can buy which allows unlimited bus and train travel in Italy?

I am going to Rome and Milan. It the Interail card an option or is this for long distance travel?
All answers appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Is there a travel card that I can buy which allows unlimited bus and train travel in Italy?”

  1. HarrietPotter said :

    To go between the two cities, you can get a Eurorail pass. That’s worth it if you plan to make a lot of trips.

    Here is the website for a eurail pass:

    Within Milano and Roma there are bus/metro/tram passes you can get for that particular city. In Rome, if you are a student, I know you can get a student pass for a full month. It’s about 18 euro and they release them each month. Very worth it. Otherwise, you should get week long passes if you’re going to be using public transportation a lot.

  2. conley39 said :

    No, there is no pass for unlimited travel using both the bus and train. A Eurail or InterRail depending on where you’re from) pass is not a particularly good value unless you do a LOT of train travel here and mostly use the slower regional trains. With the Eurail/InterRail pass, you still need to make reservations and pay an additional supplement for each high speed train, international train or night train. Only the slower regional trains are hop-on, hop-off with the Eurail pass. The regional train service has been cut back somewhat here as the high-speed service is being introduced. There are often discounts available on tickets for buying in advance. Right now, you can get high speed fares for 60% off with a 30 day advance purchase. (or 30% off for 15 days or 15% off for 7 days)


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