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What should I do in Chicago ?

If you ever decide to travel to Chicago then you should know that there is tons of stuff for you to do while on vacation and it can even be compared to New York City. Chicago has all the features of a great metropolitan city and you’re guaranteed to find something that you absolutely enjoy doing in this city. It’s not all about business in Chicago and there are a lot of tourist attractions that you’ll be able to visit while you’re in the Windy City. Getting to Chicago isn’t a problem as they have direct international access, and most countries with international airports are able to get directly into Chicago which makes finding airline tickets very easy. The cost of airline tickets has risen so if you live in the United States or Canada you could consider driving to Chicago. Hotels are also very easy to find and when in the downtown of Chicago you’ll see them everywhere, which means you can have your pick at basically anything that stands out to you. There are many hotels are with different ratings so you’ll be able to find accommodation for any budget in the downtown area.

When you’re in Chicago you depending on what season it is you could go and watch either there professional baseball, hockey, football or basketball teams. They have lots of professional teams playing in the Windy City and you can always find something. Chicago has two baseball teams the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Whitesox, both of which are having great seasons. In the NHL they have the Chicago Blackhawks, in the NBA they have the Chicago Bulls and in the NFL they have the Chicago Bears. Watching any of these teams is a treat for any sports fan, and you probably already know that if you enjoy sports already.

If you’re not into sports that’s fine because there is still lots to see in Chicago like the Sears Tower. The Sears Tower is known worldwide and many millions of people know what the Sears Tower is when asked. The Sears Tower is one of the largest buildings in the world and you can go out on a lookout area for only $10 while visiting Chicago. You’re able to see the entire city when you visit the Sears Tower and it’s an amazing view.

There are is also a lot of museums and especially art museums that you can visit while in Chicago and if you like art then you’ll be sure to enjoy the museums. People who plan their vacation well enough in advance can also take part in the Oprah Winfrey show if they’d like as its shot in the Chicago area. You need to try getting tickets months in advance though because if you don’t then it’s almost impossible to find tickets as it nears close to the show.

The weather isn’t always the nicest in Chicago, but it still ranks as one of my favourite cities to visit in the United States as it has a lot to offer everyone. There is a little bit of everything in the massive metropolitan city and you’ll love it.

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