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How can I avoid the crowds in New York ?

New York is one of the must-see cities in the United States. However, many people would agree that sightseeing in the Big Apple might not be a pleasing experience due to the large crowds that usually flock to visit. However, you can always avoid the crowd by following these tips:

1) Schedule your trip wisely – One of the secrets in avoiding the massive tourists and crowds in New York is by visiting in the early fall or early spring. These seasons are perfect for sightseeing because kids are not in vacation and Christmas is far away. You can enjoy New York sights without having to worry about people doing their Christmas shopping and kids hanging out throughout the city.

2) See the sights early – Just like in any major city, New York is not a crowded place early in the morning. Look for spots that open up early and can accommodate your sightseeing pleasure. Wake up before noon and get out as soon as you can to enjoy a less crowded New York.

3) Schedule tours – The good thing about scheduled tours is that the tour guides know exactly which places to go at the right time. Meaning, they can avoid traffic jams and crowded places, but still provide a good tour of different New York destinations. You can hire personal tours, group tours or even take a bus tour bringing you throughout Manhattan. Bus tours allow you to enjoy the sights without being trampled on by busy crowds since you’ll just be sitting on the bus for a few hours while seeing tourist hot spots.

4) Travel by sea – A ferry tour around the island is a great way to see New York without the busy people on the streets. Not only can you enjoy the sights without being stuck in traffic, you also get to see the city from a different perspective. One example of such tours is the Circle Line.

Crowds in New York make up the city’s charm, but as a tourist, it can be a tiring experience to walking with such a busy crowd. If you follow some of these tips, you can surely enjoy a New York vacation.

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