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What is the minimum age for a child to travel by plane?

Hi, I want to visit my parents with my 3 month old baby. The flight take atleast 9Hrs to reach. My question is, is it safe for baby to travel on plane for such hours in this age? I consult doctors and they are saying it depends on airline companies. It means there is no harm to fly. But has anyone heard any problem if such small baby has travelled by plane?

Thanks for your time.

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8 Responses to “What is the minimum age for a child to travel by plane?”

  1. bopsy said :

    As far as i know its ok for babies to travel, just make sure they have plenty of fluids as you would yourself.

  2. racegrrli said :

    Some airlines need doctor’s note for babies between 1 week and 1 month. So it varies by airline and you can probably check on their website. But I think 3 months should be fine.

  3. GEOFF W said :

    no restrictions

  4. Charlie said :

    I have read that some airlines do not accept babies under 4 months of age. Just call the airline you plan to use before purchasing the ticket. Several people on answers have commented recently here on answers that the pressurization on the airplane hurts babies ears. I find that odd as I spent over 25 years working in an intensive care nursery, and we flew preemies all over the country without problems.

  5. lkb said :

    Great question…….1st, check with your pediatrician! Second, there are age restrictions on some airlines whether it is age 1 mth minimum…..check with the airline before you travel…I know this for a fact. 2nd, definitely bring a copy of babies birth certificate or immunization record……an FAA regulation / requirement.

  6. brainstorm said :

    no problem

  7. BRIAN C said :

    You MUST also check with the airline as to whether they provide a suitable seat or whether you have to bring your own specific type of car seat with you – many of the cheaper airlines do not provide seats/beds for babies although some of the top quality ones do – worth checking before you get to the airport.

    I just came back fro Bankok on an 11.5 hour flight with a number of very small babies and there appeared to be no problems for them at all.


  8. k said :

    There are NO restrictions. I have heard of 1 (one) day old babies being taken on long flights.


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