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What cheap ways are there to travel on the tube?

I travel from Slough to Russell Square everyday, and i pay daily for a travel card which costs me abt £17. Are there any other cheaper ways to travel? As i am not in a zone so its costs more and Oyster doesn’t benefit so much.

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8 Responses to “What cheap ways are there to travel on the tube?”

  1. Weatherman said :

    Buy a season ticket

  2. WellTraveledProg said :

    Well, if you only go into London and then back out once per day, you’re wasting money with a daily travel card — you’d be better off buying individual fares each way. The travel card gives you unlimited travel in the zones you buy it for, so you’re paying much more than two one-way fares would cost.

    Oyster card is too much? Really? I don’t know the current cost, but the monthly rate is almost always better than the same number of daily travel cards…

  3. monkeymanelvis said :

    Try buying a travel pass of some kind.

  4. jud_eyeknight said :

    Sneak on………

  5. Bridget F said :

    Getting an Oyster card and putting pre-pay on it is the cheapest way to travel by tube, rail and bus within London. I would get an Oyster card and put £50 on it. It is not time-limited and you get the cheapest available fare whenever you use it, and there is a daily limit on how much you can be charged. Once you’ve spent up to that limit the rest of that day’s journeys are free (you still have to swipe your Oyster card).

    The expensive part is your journey in from Slough by rail outside London. Buying a season ticket may work out cheaper than daily travel cards. Some employers offer interest free loans to help you buy an annual season ticket.

    You could save a lot of money by getting an Oyster card, then travelling in on the tube from Heathrow or which ever end of the tube is nearest to you. But that will take a lot longer, so only you can decide if it is worth it to you.

  6. Ian Mac said :

    A season ticket, i work on the Railway, and if there are any problems delays etc you are entitled to refunds which you only get on season, and you can aslo use it for recreation,when your off work etc

  7. LOL said :

    absolutely bull!

    don’t believe Bridget ! Oyster prepaid isn’t valid on national rail so oyster isn’t your best option.
    A season ticket with rail,underground included is your best bet.

  8. rocketman0739 said :

    Travel on the tube…watch a travel channel! Har de har har


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