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Why should electronic devices be turned off on airplanes ?

As the personal electronic use grow so as the restriction complaints about their use, especially during flight landing and take off. Most people whom complaints the use of devices such as cellular phones argue that there are no definitive effect on the aircraft’s operation. However, the Federal Aviation Association as well as other organizations are being safe and than to take the risk. Still, what are the reasons for these restrictions?

The most commonly known reason for turning electronic devices off on take off and landings is that it could cause interference with the navigation and communication of the aircraft. There are airports where these restrictions do not affect the aviation operation but airport like O’Hara international where communication failure may lead to a big scale disaster.

During Take offs and landings, planes most prone to crashes. Accidents rarely happen if the aircraft is already on its cruising altitude. An aircraft needs the crews’ full attention whenever they land or take off due to precise maneuvering. Full coordination with both plane crew and tower is needed as well as the full working equipments to make the take off and landing possible.

Electronic devices like laptops and cellular phones that use wireless internet connection to function emit signals as they operate. These signals are likely to interfere with the system of aircrafts during landing and take off. Another reason why electronic devices need to be shut off is that attendants are not trained to identify if an electronic device may interfere with the aircraft’s system or not as well as checking each passenger on board for devices. Therefore, the easiest way to fix this problem is to be preventive and restrict all electronic device usage during take off and landing.

Passengers may use their personal electronic devices as soon as the plane reaches its cruising altitude. Most often, passengers were asked to turn their devices off on the first twenty minutes of flight for the take off anf the last ten minutes for the aircraft to land.

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