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Where should I visit in Munich, Germany ?

Munich is one of the most inviting cities in Germany. It is without a doubt a city of culture and arts with many sightseeing locations along with elegant dining. Located at the foot of the Alps, Munich is as inviting as it is entertaining and active. If you are planning to go to Munich, Germany, here is how you can make the most out of your Munich vacation.

You can visit the Deutches Museum located in the Isar River Island near the heart of the town. You do not have to be an engineer to appreciate these remarkable work of art and precision. The museum highlights works of science like revolutionary dynamos and vehicles, including hands-on exhibits that you can visualize. Allot some time to visit one of the most beautiful parks of Europe, the Englishcher Garten. Designed in the seventeen hundreds by Benjamin Thompson, this inviting spot along with an attractive Chinese Pagoda is just a fraction of what Munich can offer.

Remember to drop by at the historic center of the city for the greatest bargain you can ever get. This street is exclusive for pedestrians with stalls that sell from watches to chocolates and to fashion. One of the greatest avenue for shoppers is the Kaufingerstrasse. Tantris offers the best of Germany when it comes to gourmets. Located at Johann-Fichte-strasse, the fare serves mouthwatering roast duck and the best lobster slices imaginable. For your lively night out, you can get something to drink in Schwabing. If crowds do not matter to you, go to Hofbrauhaus in the heart of the city where you can find the most popular brewery filled with Yanks and some other tourists.

If you want to amaze your eyes with astonishing art gallery, visit the Alte Pinakothek in Barerstrasse. This extraordinary art museum highlights the work of Ruben and Rembrandts’ creation. The museum’s design is a neoclassical gigantic structure considered as one of the most brilliant architecture.

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