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Where do most German people go on holiday?

Where would you say most Germans go on holiday?? I need to know coz I want to go on holiday where there are lots of Germans.
Somewhere in Europe preferably.

Why not add your oppinion as well ?

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3 Responses to “Where do most German people go on holiday?”

  1. Zoi ((Ζωή)) said :

    Do you want to be 100% sure?
    Then go to Chalkidiki, first or second leg, anything of the two regions.
    Kallithea, Kryopigi, Afytos, Hanioti, Pefkohori, Fourka, Poseidi, Sarti, Kalamitsi, Armenistis, Gerakini (not on the legs of Chalkidiki, but still many Germans and extraordinary place), Vourvourou, Platanitsi, Neos Marmaras, Ouranoupoli.

    Another place is Katerini, also in Mainland Greece but not to ‘privileged’ as Chalkidiki.
    Try Platamonas, Korinos, Leptokarya.

    Another option is Crete, I know many Germans go there.

    Some hotels where I’m sure you’ll find Germans, but they always travel with groups
    Palini beach too…Seach here for more hotels in Chalkidiki and mail and ask them about their tourists, some have Norwegians too (in Afytos).;label=hotel-97295-gr-y0O*2__WnKvFzhsqZK4dawS1097095637;ws=&gclid=CLW2vvD0m5oCFREgZwodoiwU9w

    Chalkidiki is a very very good choice, easy to reach, close to the 2d biggest city in Greece (Thessaloniki), very easy to reach, with 500km of extraordinary beaches (!) AND very affordable for what it offers.
    My suggestion would be Afytos or Kallithea.

  2. Globespotter said :

    Any place sunny and where there are beaches. Try Mallorca, Spain or Namibia, Africa (Namibia was once a German colony).

  3. Manlin T said :

    Turkey, Mallorca (Spanish Island), Egypt


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