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Vacation ideas for boy recovering from surgery on February and April school vacation week?

I am planning for 2 vacations, one in February and one in April, both on school vacation weeks.
It is going to be 3 adults and my 15 yo son who is recovering from big orthopedic surgery (he’ll be all healed by then), so is important for him to go somewhere warm, sunny and fun.
We’ve been to Mexico already so we are looking for other destinations now.
Do you know of any places where we can have all inclusive with more activities, excursions and night life nearby?

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3 Responses to “Vacation ideas for boy recovering from surgery on February and April school vacation week?”

  1. Patriotgal said :

    The US Virgin Islands are very nice. St. John is largely a national park but it does have one or two hotels on it. The snorkeling and hiking are great! It’s only a short water taxi ride from St. Thomas where you will find plenty of night life and things to do. In addition, the British VI are very close by so a day cruise would be a lot of fun.

  2. ♥Bajan Princess♥ said :

    Barbados is a beautiful island. Lots of lovely scenery and so much to do, morning noon and night. In Barbados you can never get bored because there is something for every type of person to take part in. Barbados is also romatic. Activites for kids and older ones…you will not regret visiting Barbados! The island has great beaches and is wonderful for shopping too! There is great night life in Barbados!!

    As it relates to accommodation, there is a lovely resort in Barbados called The Barbados Beach Club. This is along the South Coast and has a lovely beach view.

    The Barbados Beach Club is an all inclusive resort which offers breakfast, lunch, after noon tea, dinner, unlimited drinks, an exercise room (gym), pool aerobics, snorkeling, scuba diving lessons, windsurfing, Hobie cat cruises, beach volley ball, games room, free shuttle service to and from the main town and soooo much more. The activities that are included in this all-inclusive package are astounding. This hotel is located about 5 minutes from St.Lawrence Gap which has ALOT of night life in it…you will definitly find somewhere to go in that gap…for all ages too!

    The Barbados beach club has 3 restaurants on site and one of them is buffet the other two are a la carte. The two a la carte are seafood and the other is Italian.

    This is a wonderful resort in a wonderful island; you should come and explore it for yourself my friend.

    They also have a special going up to December 15th, 2009…you get 45% discount off the rate:

    For more information about the price for the time period you are considering then contact them below:

    Have a look at the links that I gave you.

    Hope I helped!

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