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Q&A: where could two 17 year old girls go on holiday?

Me ans my friend are planning on going away on holiday next year, meaning we will both be 17. We have looked into it and found out that we can both go without parents as long as we have their consent (which we do). We want to go somewhere that’s quite cheap, and won’t need a lot of spending money. Somewhere that’s quite lively, but not 24/7 party?

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3 Responses to “Q&A: where could two 17 year old girls go on holiday?”

  1. wade5k said :

    Lol I was thinking the same thing the other answerer answered

    Great! Ohio it is!

  2. eurythmicsrule said :

    Depends. Where do you live? Also do you want a city break, beach holiday, etc?

    If you are in the UK then I would recommend one of: Dublin, Paris, Prague, Barcelona, Canary Islands

  3. Curt Giddens said :

    monochrome mostel brinton cripple leightsinn palluch compartmentalize falling hotzenplotz


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