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Q&A: What is the name of the Jewish holiday where Jewish women have to clean their entire house?

What is the name of the Jewish holiday where Jewish women have to clean their entire house? I also wanted to know, why Jewish women have to do this?

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8 Responses to “Q&A: What is the name of the Jewish holiday where Jewish women have to clean their entire house?”

  1. Blue Foots™ Spore Addict said :

    Men AND women do this before Passover.


    Because we remove all unleavened product from our homes that may have gone on the floor, in the furniture, on the counters, in the cubboards, every place, even places we don’t think it will be found.

    We clean under, on, around, in, out, whatever you can think of for at least a couple weeks before Passover. We don’t just refrain from eating bread/grain products, we also remove it completely from our homes.

  2. Chicken Little said :

    Well, the holiday is Passover, but it has nothing to do with cleanliness. Before Passover begins, all traces of leavening in a household have to be removed; this usually necessitates a thorough cleaning of the house.

    As to why it’s Jewish women – it isn’t. NO Jew is allowed to possess any form of leavening during Passover. While it may be traditional in some households for women to do the cleaning, a man is just as forbidden from possessing leavening agents as a woman is, and his responsibility is no different from a woman’s.

  3. vansemmanuel JPA/ JFW said :

    Erev Shabbat???
    There really isnt a certain holiday where there is JUST jewish women who would clean the home. On Passover, All in the household participate in the cleaning of the home. It is interconnected with the search of chometz(unleavened bread) and the cleaning up of it.

  4. Cher PJA said :

    Why do you think it’s Jewish women who clean the house? Men definitely are participants.

    It’s passover. It’s also NOT mostly about cleaning. It has tons of religious significance & most of it is about the Seders (meals with an order) in which we use a Hagadah to guide us through telling the story & the lessons learned.

  5. Ben Aharon Hacohen said :

    The truth is
    That prior to any Jewishh holiday the house should be clean also clean garments should be dressed.

    Basically because each holiday is a shabt in nature .
    PESACH is the same plus any reminders of bread should be cleaned away .

    Your jewish wife? Aren’t you jewish ?

    If not then this the first and most severe problem .
    A jewish woamn must marry a jewish man point.

    Be Well
    Ben Aharon Hacohen

  6. a a said :

    passover, they clean out any bread in there house to remmber when they were freed from egypt they ran out with bread that wasnt fully baked (they call this bread matza).they spend the entire holiday not eating bread but matza.

  7. Debiger F said :

    This is Passover, or in hebrew, Pesach.
    This must be done because on Passover, Jewish people can only eat certain foods, nothing with yeast, or anything that rises. There cannot be any traces or any crumbs of these foods with yeast in the house, that’s why women have to clean, so they don’t accidently eat these foods with yeast.

  8. rosey said :

    passover, peasach


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