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Minimum acceptable age to go on holiday without parents…?

In my opinon, I would say:

16 if going with a group of friends.
18 if going entirely alone.


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10 Responses to “Minimum acceptable age to go on holiday without parents…?”

  1. momof4 said :

    18 — friends or not.

  2. lady bug said :

    Without any other parents, 18.

  3. arial39 said :

    30 lol

    seriously i wouldnt let my younger teen out with friends or not

    17 minimum then it would have to be a school outing like our senior trip to busch gardens and the beach, under school authority. otherwise 18

  4. Ginny Jin said :

    18. Unless with a supervised school group or guides/scouts etc

  5. *bb* *bex* said :

    well i was seventeen when i went on my first holiday abroad , but i had left home as well , that was twenty years ago ,there are more dangers around now , so i would say eighteen ,but with a friend

  6. fox_maple said :

    18. High school kids shouldn’t be allowed to go on vacation without a supervising adult. That’s just asking for trouble!

  7. Heather said :

    Well it depends on the kid, if you are a responsible young adult with good grades and have not been in trouble, then I say 16-17 with friends, but it is never a good idea to go entirely alone, but if you mean with a boyfriend, I say 50! LOL

  8. Loraine F said :

    16 with church groups, school groups, etc. 18 with friends or alone. Because when you go with friends as a minor, what would happen if you need an adult?

  9. BoSox27 said :

    Friends or not, I still say 18.

  10. pinkpiglet126 said :

    18 without adult supervision


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