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I want to start a travel Agency and want to know where the travel agent gets their holidays from?

Im wanting to start a membership Travel Agency on line. I would like to know where the Tour Operators get their warehouse holidays in order to make a profit. Is there a software or website that the travel agents use were they get the holidays at a flat rate, factory (warehouse) price.
Obviously the travel agent gets the holidays from somewhere and then put their own mark up on.

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5 Responses to “I want to start a travel Agency and want to know where the travel agent gets their holidays from?”

  1. Proud Indian said :

    After establising your Travel Agency Business (Registration etc), contact several Airlines who have special packages of Air Fare for Travellers.

    Then contact 4, 5 Star Hotels who have their own discounted packages for staying in their hotels. Then contact Tourism of different countries, who could give you a lot of information of the places where tourists have interests. That will help you a lot to design your website.

    Once you are on the business, you will come to know everything about Travel and Transport needs, right from Taxi, Limosins, Trains, Buses, Flights etc.

    Hope this will help you.

  2. ciderisyummy said :

    You will envitibly fail with no knowledge, ATOL or Abta bonded operation. Consider home working first. Look at Travel Counsellors or Hays Travel. Even then you would need some background knowledge. To set up a website with none of the above, nobody will touch you with a barge pole. Sorry to e frank, but you could potentially lose lots of £££££’s

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  5. said :

    They are a very good way to promote business service.

    Advertisers all over the place, advertising everything underneath the sun.
    It’s probably some mix of the two, so I have to give
    him props for not going too far in either direction.


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