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How would I travel from Orlando to Tampa?

I am planning a trip to Disney world Florida in April and I would like to go and watch an ice hockey match with Tampa Bay Lightning. But how would I travel from Orlando to Tampa?. Is there a train or something I could use or would I have to take a flight to Tampa?. Could someone please offer some suggestions. As I would really like to attend a match when I am there. I would probably visit Busch gardens in Tampa bay. Could I then get to St Pete’s times forum from there?

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11 Responses to “How would I travel from Orlando to Tampa?”

  1. tonija70 said :

    The best way to travel would be to rent a car.

  2. Hold my paw please said :

    Get the bus or train, it’s not that far

  3. BOB said :

    Tamper bay is Florida. Just ask at reception in the hotel.

  4. Cristina said :

    On Plane

  5. MommaDoo said :

    Tampa isn’t really far from Orlando. If you have a major credit card you can rent a car. It’s pretty cheap.

  6. knowlesk80 said :

    I live between Tampa & Orlando in Polk County. It’s about a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from Tampa to Orlando & the best way to travel there is by I-4.

  7. SandwichGeneration said :

    You can drive from the area around Disney to Tampa via Interstate 4. Drive time will be around 2 hours. There are some car rental vendors near Disney; contact the hotel you’ll be staying in to, they should be able to direct you to the closest one. Enterprise and Alamo are two that I know serve the hotels near WDW, Alamo and National serves hotels on Disney property

    I’m sad to tell you, but there are no inexpensive, convenient mass transit choices that run between Tampa and Orlando. No trains, no regular bus routes. Greyhound buses do go to Tampa, but you’d still need a ride to the bus station. No trains. Flying to Tampa would take longer than driving, because you’d have to get a ride to and from the airports and go through security. Mears transportation does have some shuttles that run to Tampa, so if you can’t rent a car then try Mears.

  8. heather l said :

    its not that far, hire a sat nav with your rental car (if your gettin 1) or take the bus, its only bout 90mins away

  9. Spring I said :

    Definitely rent a car.

  10. blackgrifter said :

    If you are wanting to do all that and maybe more i would say rent a car. it takes about 45 mins to an hour to get to tampa from orlando,

  11. alafiaceremonies said :

    Take a car, use a GPS, take Interstate 4, I-75 I-275 Will be your routes to see the Lightning, Busch Gardens and St. Pete I-4 connects right to I-75 and I-75 to I-275. Advice: Give yourself plenty of time and have patience! Traffic and Construction and changing speed limits.


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