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How can I choose a holiday camp for my kid ?

More than ten million kids go to summer camp each year, but not every child feels that the camp they go to has provided them with a fun and rewarding experience. This is particularly true for kids with anxiety problems, anti-social behavior and those who just feel uncomfortable or frightened to attend camp. As such, it is important for parents to consider their children’s needs when choosing a summer camp for them.

To ensure you kid would enjoy and learn from camp, you need to choose a summer camp that would fit your child’s interests, personality and temperament. If your kid loves music, you can pick a camp that promotes or focuses on music. If your child wants to learn how to dance, you can choose a dance camp, so he or she could try new things to explore. Simply put, learn what your kids want or wish to do and choose a summer camp based on these interests. Be aware that your child’s self-esteem would be greatly affected when he or she faces negative experiences at camp each year. You can always involve your child in choosing the camp.

Although you may have started to go to camp at an early age, you shouldn’t push your child from attending summer camp early. Some kids are not yet ready to be away from home. You can also consider a month-long camp, if you wish to train your child to become more independent.

If your child is shy, choose a camp where he or she knows at least one person their own age, so they can make new friends easier. If your kid always gets homesick when in a summer camp, allow them to bring their favorite books, toys, gadgets and other things that would remind them of home. Don’t criticize them for feeling homesick; instead, support and reassure them. Make a schedule to visit them or call them daily.

Most kids enjoy summer camp, but planning and choosing a camp that your kid would like to attend would increase the chances of a positive experience, which could help in them grow independently, explore new things and offer them a new way to socialize.

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