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How can I acquire a russian visa ?

All foreigners require a visa when visiting Russia. The requirements to get a visa is very limited and requires time to complete. While most tourist can acquire visa in the nearest embassy, it is still up to the Ministry of Internal Affairs if the papers are subject for approval before the actual visa can be issued.

It is extremely important to know the right Russian visa to be acquired before setting up travel arrangements. The most ordinary types of Russian visa are tourism, transit, and residence visas. If an entity will just be staying in Russia for several hours, Russian Government requires transit visa to prevent delays and complications. Tourist visas may be the easiest to acquire, since travel companies usually handle them on behalf of the traveler. However, you must ensure the declaration of the places to be visited and the span of time he or she will be spending on a certain place.

Regarding the work done in getting a Russian visa, work visa is expectedly the easiest to get because the employer will be the one processing the preliminary papers once a contract has been signed. Once you get the approved invitation, you can go to the Embassy to get your Russian visa. Tourists planning on staying in Russia for more than a month should submit medical requirements like an HIV test and proof of medical issuance before their visa can be issued.

Getting a Russian visa requires sponsorship coming from someone in Russia, which can either be a family member, an employer or the travel organization where you apply for visit as a tourist in Russia. The tourist must be accompanied by the sponsor during the registration at the Russian local authorities. Registration must be accomplished in three days of arrival; in some cases, such as a one-year work visa, the procedure may take up to six weeks.

When you leave Russia, an exit visa is required. This is usually automatically issued but it can also be cancelled due to irregularities, so it is always a good idea to check the legalities before traveling. Staying longer than the time indicated on a Russian visa is a serious problem, and it can lead to strict fines and even detention. Losing your migration card, your passport, or your Russian visa can also turn into a serious problem, so make sure that you keep these papers in a safe location. Remember to carry photocopies with you wherever you go.

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