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After the holiday, where is all the leftover Halloween candy?

Last year, thinking I would find stores loaded with leftover Halloween candy a couple days after the holiday, I found hardly any on tiny little shelves and there weren’t any good brands. What happened, did the companies take it back or did I just miss out on a huge rush? I would like to be more ready this year. What stores are the best for after-holiday sales like this? I live in SW Florida and Publix was where I lucked out before. Maybe Target would be better?

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3 Responses to “After the holiday, where is all the leftover Halloween candy?”

  1. dougeebear said :

    You missed out on a huge rush. Actually, retailers have been putting candy and other Halloween items on sale prior to the holiday, so I’d start checking next week. Afterwards, don’t wait more than a day to check the clearance shelves.

  2. researched it said :

    Usually they put it on sale before Halloween because they do not want to get stuck with it after the holiday. Also, ask your local stores what they do. Go in and talk to the employees. They will tell you. Some places will get stuck with candy. You are more likely to find it if you go on Nov. 1.

  3. Justin M said :

    Target is a good idea, but you can definitely get candy in bulk, even the candy you haven’t seen in YEARS, at After each holiday, especially Halloween, there will still be leftover halloween candy.


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