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Should I fly or drive on a vacation ?

There are several things to consider in making a decision whether to fly or drive on your travel. Normally, there are vacations where you really have to fly like Hawaii and you live in the contiguous America. There are also some vacation areas, which are very far from an airport making driving the only mean of transportation. However, most people take their vacation where the location is close enough to drive, even if there will be a very long drive or if the place is near a major airport.

The first thing you should consider in making a decision to drive or fly on your vacation is the cost. If you can get a good airfare price the, flying may be more cost effective. Yet if you still plan to do driving on your destination, you may have to rent a car. Add the cost of both car rent and airfare to know if flying will save you more.

You should also consider the number of people going. If you are planning on a family vacation, it might be cheaper if you drive, instead of numbers of plane tickets. Even if gasoline cost a lot nowadays, it is still cheaper if multiple passengers travel in a single car. However, a person travelling alone may get better deals in flying.

Another thing to consider is the distance of destination if you will be driving it. Take into account the time you will take in driving and how long your vacation is going to be. If most of your vacation time will be spent on your journey driving, then flying would be more practical. The amount of things you pack is also a thing to consider. If you have loads with you like carting babies and kids or bringing lots of gift for the family with your, it would be better to drive and avoid the hustle of airport security.

Lastly, decide what way of travelling your are most comfortable of, you may feel a little nervous flying and driving would be the best option. Moreover, the exact opposite, you may feel tense driving which does not mean relaxing on a vacation, so take a plane. When one way feels better than the other, go with it.

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