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How much would it cost to travel around South America?

My friend and I are planning to go travelling around South America next year and want to go to every country. Does anyone know how much it would cost to pay towards the trip? Also, I would like to travel for about four months. Is that enough or would I need to travel a bit longer?

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6 Responses to “How much would it cost to travel around South America?”

  1. vinh hien b said:

    I think over 2700USD

  2. Retpython said:

    It would really depend on several factors. Such as if you will be staying in 5 star hotels or the cheaper hostels. Or if you are planning on eating at nice resturants or on the side of the road at the street vendors. Also if you are going to be travelling by bus, taxi, rented car, or just hitching like alot of the backpackers do. And how long you plan on the trip taking. If you can provide this information I can give you a better estimate of how much. By the way I do not think 2,700 dollars is going to be enough unless you plan on really roughing it (i.e. hitch hiking, street vendor food, and hostels or camping out).

  3. Tom - said:

    How much this type of trip costs is very difficult to answer because it is completely dependent on what you plan on doing, where you plan to stay and what countries you hope to visit. This was something I was very keen to learn before I went, and from experience I found that £1000/month was a decent ball park figure. This is not exact but as a rough guide it worked well for me. Again, it is completely dependent on where and what you are going to do.

    You mention that you want to travel to every country in South America within 4 months. Unfortunately, I think that unless you will be flying everywhere, it will bevery difficult to do this unless you rush through the entire continent on a big budget.

    The best method would probably be to plan a route designed around the main countries, landmarks and activities that you wish to visit. Remember the longer you are in one place the more you will get a feel for it, so some would prefer to stay longer in one place as opposed to rush around and fit in as many places as possible. However, on the contrary some people like to visit as many places as possible. You will only find this out through experience.

    The price of flights to the continent vary between destination and departure points. If you are flying from the US or the UK and are younger than 26 years old, then may I suggest you search the STA Travel website for flights. They offer excellent prices for those aged under 26.

    If you are after more information on some amazing places to visit, the best way to book hostels and internal flights and ideas on what to take then feel free to visit my website at

  4. thrudur84 said:

    Oh my!! That’s a BROAD subject!!

    You can do it for next to nothing, and you can do it for a LOOOOT of money! It depends so much on what countries you’ll be spending most time in, and which activities will you be undertaking. There are some that are total budget killers, like:

    * Galapagos Islands
    * Easter Islands
    * Machu Picchu
    * Angel Falls
    * Carnavals of Brazil
    * All sorts of adventure sports activities

    That being said, those places are also places NO ONE wants to miss, so it’s something you got to consider.

    Then there are these semi-expensive places to see:
    * Nazca lines
    * Torres del Paine
    * Iguazú Falls
    * Rio de Janeiro
    * Colca Canyon
    * Jungle tours
    … and there are many many more.

    Another budget slasher is flights, but also looong bus rides in luxury seats (and I don’t recommend you to try to save money there) – which you cannot possibly avoid if in South America – it’s either that or flights.

    I recommend you to do some reading at – it’s a brilliant info source.

    So, it’s hard to pin a price on a trip. Spend lots of time in Chile or Venezuela or Brazil and your money flies away, spend a lot of time in Bolivia, Peru and Argentina and it lasts you a good while! The rest of places are pretty mid-range.

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