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What’s the difference between a hotel and motel ?

Las Vegas extravaganzas, cross-country conferences and urban sprawl are usually associated with hotels, but a motel is where you will be staying if you are travelling with your family through the vast Montana countryside, Sequoia National Forest or Virginia’s sweet woods. Motels are normally private owned and often quaint. Motels are roadside lodging, which is perfect for family travelling distance and lings for the comfort of their beds.

The most popular appearance on a motel is its square or U-shaped built with its inner yard serving as the parking lot. The traveler’s vehicles are parked facing their doors several feet away. This makes it very convenient for unloading packs suitcases. It is also easing to know that your vehicle is just out front your door where you can keep an eye on it.

People don’t usually stay at a motel for weeks or even days, so motels are designed for easy and fast access. On the other hand, hotels serve a different function. They are located near or in the cities and the design are far more different compared to motels. Hotel doors are facing inward to the hallways. A guest may stay at a hotel for more than a week or even longer on pleasure, business or some other reasons. Hotels normally offer gym, Jacuzzis, restaurants, pools, cable televisions, room services, internet connectivity and some other luxuries. The parking lots in hotels are separated from the building itself and shuttle services are normally provided.

Even if motels don’t have the luxuries a hotel can offer, it provides a less- complicated experience and reasonable rates that is perfect for families travelling and needed a place to spend the night and continue their journey. Motel is one of the most popular motel chains in the United States, which offers almost the same experience to a normal budget hotel.

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