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What types of visa can I get for travel to the US with a criminal conviction?

I was convicted of Drink Driving (DR10) a few weeks ago (1st offence) and I was due to go on holiday to Peru and transit via Newark Airport and spend a few days in New York on the way back. I read on the US embassy website that I now needed a visa (if you have ever been convicted or arressted – even if the arrest didn’t lead to a charge) and couldn’t use the visa waiver form. So I cancelled the holiday. I am now planning to go in November and I am happy to apply for a visa at the US emabssy, but the police check required for the Embassy appointment takes 40 days and the embassy decision takes another 14. So will i have to go through this process every time I want to go to america on a non-immigrant visa? Or are there other visa types that once I have it, I can travel to the US for multiple entries over a lond period (maybe a few years)? I have read about a waiver of ineligibility – what does this allow and who is it for please? I am British and live in the UK.

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5 Responses to “What types of visa can I get for travel to the US with a criminal conviction?”

  1. xenypoo said :

    None. You won’t be allowed here at all. It is the same for most countries.

  2. mother sensible said :

    NONE. a guy at work was refused entry into america twice because he had a criminal record which went back 25 years. So probally no chance.

  3. gojulie said :

    you need to apply for an I-192 waiver of admissiblity. All the info is on the web site Bad news is that it may not be approved by November, they can take a few years, plus, generally, they won’t approve unless it has been 5 years since your conviction.

  4. jezza said :

    I have a theory. You could try just going to the US and getting away with it. I don’t see how the data on all criminal convictions and arrests can be sent to the US from the UK. It’s SOOO much information. When did the govt ever handle a project like this and get it right. My bet is that you’ll get there and the immigration guy will stamp your passport and say “Have a nice stay.”
    I have to add, drink driving is REALLY bad. I hope you learn your lesson and don’t do it again.

  5. karyn d said :

    I applied for a visa with a drug conviction and got temporary stay, mind you the reason for the visit was to see my sister so i think this made a difference, i also believe that you will have to go through this evertime as they probably wont issue you with a multipule visa but you never know its not as if you killed someone lucky as you are, they are more than likely to give you one even though your offence was serious.


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