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What tourist attractions are there in Memphis, Tennessee ?

People usually build big cities along rivers and Memphis is one of them. Memphis, Tennessee is a city with over 600,000 and has a 1.2 million metropolitan area. It is located on the fourth Chickasaw bluff, overlooking the river of Mississippi that separates Arkansas from Tennessee. It was founded in the year 1820 and very famous for its barbeque and its music. The Mississippi River played an important role in making Memphis an industrial center and major port for slave arrivals in the 1840s up to 1850s. The river made sure of the survival of the city even after the Civil War.

There are many things to see in Memphis and one of them has to be the Sun Studios. The studio has been famous for having brilliant entertainers like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. With all the amazing talents that advents in Memphis, Elvis has to be the most unique. You will experience his first recording that highlights pure energy, which eventually took the world by storm. Sun Studios offer tourists to see the facility where the classics “Walk The Line” and “That’s All Right Mama” was recorded.

Elvis’ Fans will definitely find the Graceland tour amusing. Tourists can visit the home itself, see Elvis’ private vehicles, the grounds as well as visit the museum that highlights Elvis’ gold records, concert costumes and more. Graceland has been one of the must-see spot in Memphis.

Besides entertainment history, Memphis also offers something for nature lovers. A botanical garden and a nature center are famous as well in Memphis. The Memphis Zoo is just another place to visit if you are in the city, where the zoo showcases giant pandas. When May comes, tourist from all over the country gathers in Memphis for the month-long festival that highlights barbeque cook-offs. Team from all over the country meets and boasts their special barbeque recipes where people decide which barbeque is the best.

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