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What is the easiest way to travel from Scotland to Glastonbury?

I would like to travel from Scotland to Glastonbury (the actual town, not the festival) but don’t have a car. What is the easiest way to do this? (I will be travelling from either Edinburgh or Glasgow.) Thanks to anyone who can help 🙂

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8 Responses to “What is the easiest way to travel from Scotland to Glastonbury?”

  1. ejb199 said :

    best to fly down to bristol airport with easy jet id imagine then hire a car once you get here.

  2. Schuutz said :

    To answer the question precisely, I would say a helicopter is the easiest way to get there as you can land pretty much anywhere you like.

  3. Leila Tequila said :

    you could get the scotland -manchester train then the manchester -birmingham then the brimingham- castle cary.

  4. k said :

    Train or National Express Coach to Bristol. And then get on the 375/376 Bus Service from Bristol Bus Station, and it will drop you right in the middle of Glastonbury Town,

  5. allen555 said :

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  6. Gary said :

    Depends on your finances and timescale…….

    Fly is quicker

    Maybe train, change at Birmingham.

    You will get to see more if you drive although it would take quite a while. And car hire is quite expensive.

  7. Katie F said :

    The quickest way is probably via London. From Edinburgh, you could get the train to London and then the train to Castle Cary. It takes about 7 hours according to From Glasgow it’s about 8 hours.

    Or you could go via Birmingham New Street if you don’t fancy heading into London. At New Street, get the train to Bristol Parkway, and then the train to Castle Cary

    From Castle Cary you’ll need to get a bus

  8. David S said :

    Catch a National Express East Coast train from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross; then the Underground Circle or Hammersmith & City Lines to Paddington. From Paddington a First Great Western train will take you to Casrtle Cary, the nearest station to Glastonbury. Taxis are available at Castle Cary Station to take you the few miles to Glastonbury. Through tickets can be bought to cover the entire journey and the further you book in advance the cheaper they will be. Visit the ticket office/travel centre at any major railway station.


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