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What is the difference between travel insurance and medical insurance?

Next year I am taking a gap year and have been looking into volunteering outside of Europe. I need travel and medical insurance but I am unsure of the difference between the two types of insurance. Also, are there any good sites that I can get good deals off? Thankyou! 😀

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8 Responses to “What is the difference between travel insurance and medical insurance?”

  1. Vaikunta said :

    there is a lot more differences can occur between the two insurances..even though they deal with different type of sources..but in matter of fact they make you feel the continuity of your life without obstacles..they differ from each other at time of situations,we can’t define importance of each other.they are good at their own way.. according to me going through this sites we can gain to some extent

  2. Ferry said :

    Well Apparently, these two insurances will cover up for your health needs
    but do work in a different situation. But one sure is definite about it – It surely helps!

    I suggest you may also check this site where I reference all the answers for my
    insurance needs. I previously checked this one
    for some home insurances available and the ones who offer the cheapest rates.
    Also some additional information on the insurance companies.

    Hope this one helps!
    Goodluck.. 😉

  3. mark m said :

    Travel insurance is just to cover trip cancellation and delay, lost baggage, international terrorism and other unforeseen event or accident.
    Medical insurance is a contract between an insurance company and individual or his sponsor ( e.g. and employer ) the contract can be renewable annually or monthly to cover medical treatments.

  4. lee said :

    Travel insurance is limited to 90 days travel outside the country and subject to the territory stated in thd policy.
    Travel insurance has alot of exclusions when it comes to medical coverage i.e. doesnot cover pregnancy tretment…
    Trave insurance limi is way lower than your medical insurance usually medical insurance limit is 2million travel insurance is usually 50k.

    travel insurance will reinburse for the hotel and loss of luggage if it was due to covered event as delay of the flight due to weather.

    I would suggest for your travel is definitl buy travel insurance because it should cost not more than
    $50 medical insurance usually cost not less than $1500

    Alot of medical insurance you will be subject to hih coinsurance if you were treated outside thei network. make sure if you have medical insurance you are civered outside your home country and what’s your coinsurance when outof network.

  5. Thomas said : – here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.

  6. audio technica m50 guitar center said :

    One more thing. I really believe that there are several travel insurance web pages of reliable companies that allow you enter your holiday details to get you the quotes. You can also purchase the international holiday insurance policy on internet by using your current credit card. Everything you need to do will be to enter your current travel details and you can begin to see the plans side-by-side. Just find the system that suits your allowance and needs and after that use your bank credit card to buy the idea. Travel insurance online is a good way to take a look for a dependable company for international travel cover. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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