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What is the cheapest way to travel & stay in Amsterdam?

Me & a friend are planning a 4 day holiday from the UK to Amsterdam soon. We want to travel and stay for as little as possible. We are probably going to travel there by coach then stay at a hostel. Is this the cheapest way and does anyone have any experience/tips for travelling & sleeping rough?

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3 Responses to “What is the cheapest way to travel & stay in Amsterdam?”

  1. Denny said :

    I am not sure about travelling but for hostels you should check TheGlobe which seems to be the cheapest.

    “Hostel The Globe Centre is only a 3 minute walk from Central Station.” – $20

  2. NLzonie said :

    Check out It may be cheaper than a hostel and much nicer. Plus you will meet some locals, which is always a big help.
    Hostels are cheap, but some come with restrictions and lock outs or fill up so make reservations if you can. Eating cheap in Amsterdam is easy and you’ll have tons of choices. Check out the Albert Heine (AH) markets for already made meals, sandwiches at much less than in a eatery. Beer and cokes are about a quarter the price in AH than any of the little shops or snack bars.
    Have fun!

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