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What is the best way to travel by train in and outside of London?

I’m from outside of England and want to travel from downtown London near Paddington Station to Chipping Campden. I’ve tried to figure out the best way to go but am confused by train fares with and without the “Railcard”. How do I get a Railcard and an Oyster Card. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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4 Responses to “What is the best way to travel by train in and outside of London?”

  1. Fred3663 said :

    Oyster card, a smartcard which makes buying and using tickets easier within London, available from tube stations and newsagents.
    Railcards costs £24 and it’ll save you 1/3 on rail fares so are useful if you do a lot of rail travel.

  2. younosygit said :

    Firstly it seems that while the railway passes through Chipping Campden, trains don’t actually stop there, and you’ll have to take a bus from Evesham or Moreton-in-Marsh (25-30 minutes from either town).

    Oyster cards are only of use in London – on buses, the Underground, and some local train services. The best place to find out about them is from the ticket office of an Underground station. You can also buy them from machines at Underground stations, or online – see

    Railcards are good for a year, and give 1/3rd off ordinary rail fares – see There are different railcards for young people (age 16-25), families with children, seniors (age 60+), all costing £24, and for disabled people (£18/1 year or £48/3 years). You can buy them at railway station ticket offices or online. The savings are subject to some restrictions in the rush hours – see the railcards website for details.

  3. David S said :

    2 good answers above; just to let you know the rail company for your route is First Great Western and you can find out more about railcards on

  4. Avril Bendix said :

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