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What is sustainable tourism ?

Sustainable tourism is a form of tourism, which engages on being conscious of the possible environmental, economic, and cultural impacts of tourism. Sustainable tour companies and tourists who encourage the idea of sustainable tourism make additional efforts to make sure that their impact on the places they visit is constructive, rather than simply neutral or unhelpful. Several certification agencies examine and accredit tour companies, which offer sustainable tourism packages, with the aim of creating an industry-wide standard that makes it easier for tourists to choose companies they can do business with.

The idea of sustainable tourism is closely related to ecotourism, a form of tourism that focuses on ecological and environmental issues, connected with tourism, but sustainable tourism is wider in range. While sustainable tours are designed to deal with environmental issues related to tourism, other considerations like the impact of tourism on the local economy are also included into the sustainable tourism philosophy. Besides the sustainable tourism, industry is very conscious of the cultural impacts of tourism, especially on indigenous people.

Companies that offer sustainable tourism normally address the issues of their customers in a variety of ways. Many try to make tours with a minimum environmental impact, sometimes buying carbon offsets to compensate for the energy used in travel, for instance. These companies also spend in the local economy, and encourage their patrons to do the same, encouraging visits to local businesses and native craftspeople, to guarantee that more funds get to the local community.

Sensitive travelers in seminars and classes before the trip often address the cultural impact of tourism. Such courses talk about cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and other issues that tourists may bump into. The objective is to allow people to observe and participate in traditional cultures without changing them. Sometimes, sustainable tourism also involves a lively contribution to the community. For instance, tourists may volunteer with local organizations and help give health care, housing, and other services to poor people in the community. Others might take part in environmental cleanups or contribute to nonprofits and charities that serve the area.

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