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What is ecotourism ?

In the 1990s, ecotourism started and grew faster and larger than the whole industry of tourism. However, most people still do not have any idea what is involved in ecotourism. Ecotourism simply means travelling and protecting natural places to make local people’s lives better. With ecotourism and the fast growing concerns of the environment around the world, you can make responsible decisions to travel.

You can travel to different ecotourism sites and location around the world. In America, there are several active ecotourism spots, such as those in Hawaii, Alaska, Virginia and West Virginia. Apostle Island National Lakeshore in Wisconsin is one of the sustainable national parks in America as well as Great Basin National Park in Nevada and Wrangell-St. Elias Park and Preserve in Alaska.

You can check for travel agencies that attend to environmental factors. Create a travel plan that lessen the effect to environment like making sure not to buy items made from endangered species and explore different means of travelling that avoids pollution and other environmental disturbances. Also, check if the business you consider won an eco-award or has eco-label rating. The proof or certificates exhibit the commitment of a certain business to the environment.

You can always look for ways to boost environmental awareness as well as different cultures. Ask yourself the thing that you can do to earn conservation efforts. Support activities and businesses that use tourism dollars in conserving. You can use travel accommodations, tours and transportation that hire local people and give the money to people who need it most.

Learn to encourage respect and sensitivity to the environmental, social and political situation in the country you are visiting. Remember that you are a guest and should behave according to the place you are in. exert effort in learning their language and should behave and dress accordingly to show that you respect their culture.

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