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What are the most popular amusement park rides ?

Amusement park rides can be breathtaking sources of fun and enjoyment for all ages. For more than a thousand years, rides have existed in different forms for entertainment. In present amusement parks, many rides are consistently new, allowing older generations to bring in their favorites to younger riders.

The carousel or merry-go-round is a spinning platform covered with seats that are typically carved into the form of horses or other animals. Most modern carousel seats have a galloping apparatus that causes an up-and-down movement as the ride spins. Carousels have lived since at least 500 AD, although their modern utilization and complex ornamentation was developed back in the 15th century. Merry-go-rounds are a great ride to take kids on, although some may experience wooziness or nausea if they are sensitive to revolving rides.

Another common ride at amusement parks or carnivals is the funhouse. These structures have a series of obstacles and features for the guest to get through. Common funhouse features include puzzling mazes made of mirrors, moving walkways, large rotating barrels the guest should walk through, and snaking staircases and slides. Funhouses are best for older kids and adults, as they can be tricky to maneuver.

Maybe the most admired feature of most amusement parks is the roller coaster. These high-speed rides bear riders over a variety of drops, speedy turns and even upside-down inversions. In the 19th century, roller coasters are built, and have undergone a sequence of incredible innovations throughout the years. Visitors can now ride roller coasters where they are strapped into a horizontal flying position, backward coasters, indoor coasters, and coasters that race each other. Many parks offer kiddy versions of roller coasters for little riders, which circles around a small, easy track and are a good way to introduce young kids to the world of adventure rides.

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