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Is it safe for a single woman to travel to thailand?

I am planning to go to a resort in Koh Phangan, but I am planning to travel there alone. I understand that traveling alone can be risky, but I want to know if there are any women who traveled to thailand alone? Did they feel safe?

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8 Responses to “Is it safe for a single woman to travel to thailand?”

  1. Dizzy Blonde said :

    I did it and loved it. I ended up meeting people there and hanging out with them so was never really alone. Thailand is fine!

  2. I'dStillPreferNoName said :

    Yep. but also safety first don’t go walk alone in the sidewalk at night make sure it’s a crowded place.

  3. Delauria said :

    You will love it, but as a norm, you have to be very careful!
    Don’t go out alone, especially at night time.
    Don’t separate yourself from the crowd..
    Beware of strangers!

  4. Khun Bob said :

    It is safe for single women, but I am sure you will find many other single women traveling in Thailand. Things not to do is walk along in unlit areas or on the beach at night. Don’t trust anyone who gets too friendly to fast with you. Don’t do drugs, don’t take a drink from someone you don’t know unless it was given to you at the bar. Don’t insult a Thai or make him lose face. Also don’t insult the King of Thailand or his family. Follow these rules and you will have no problems.

  5. jay Lo said :

    i’ve been there alone as a single woman and i loved every minute of it. going back next month. just use your common sense. there will be loads of other travellers you can buddy up with if u like

  6. jonny w said :

    thailand is probably safer than your own home town.

    It is certainly safer than mine! There are bad spots, but if you have common sense, no worries.

  7. theymademedoit said :

    I’d say your pretty safe,but just be careful ,and don’t forget to be careful!.Try to keep some control and not just get completely mullered.Don’t do stupid things that you wouldn’t be happy doing at home as well.

    Keep an eye on your drinks.
    Don’t be too trusting of people you have not known before(There’s alot of idiots.)
    Beware walking on the beach alone, and in quiet places late at night.

    I’m sure you’ll be fine though,Thailand on the whole is a reasonably safe place(Even if you are alone)

  8. daddybear said :

    Probably as safe as anywhere nowadays but its better to travel as a couple, accommodation is charged by the room so its the same for one or two people and you have the extra security.


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