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How old you have to be to travel witout your parents permission?

I am 17years old, I live in Toronto Canada, i wanted to know how old i have to be to travel to Pennsylvania without my parent’s permission? Please reply me as soon as possible thanks.

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12 Responses to “How old you have to be to travel witout your parents permission?”

  1. Amdrmgirl said :


  2. zuesefl said :

    you can travel like on a plane, but you won’t be able to get a hotel room with out anyone who is over 18 traveling with you and you will not be able to rent a car until you are 25 in America… things are crazy… I know… this place kind of sucks.

  3. Cagen said :

    dude what they dont know wont hurt

  4. liorio1 said :

    !8 years of age.

  5. rb_cubed said :

    You should be old enough to know better but young enough to want to do it again and again. Be sure you have your passport and enough money to handle your situation. You might want to hang around for at least another year. You shouldn’t have any problems after 18

  6. Meldamor said :

    You have to be um thats a good one I think that you only need a passport/birthcertificate from where you are from.

  7. scouser_huyton said :

    I was ok when i was 16

  8. mathieulefrancois said :

    Technically you can do it, but good luck getting a hotel room especially if you don’t have a credit card.

  9. frazzle said :

    It depends on the airline. A lot will allow unaccompanied minors from 14 some 16.

  10. Mazanb said :

    I know at 17 you feel like an adult. But there is a big wide dangerous world out there, why be in such a hurry? Enjoy your youth and your lack of responsbilities, you will be an adult for a long long time. I am a mother of three young adults, they have all left home on good terms, so when times are bad they can phone home for comfort and reassurance. They still need me to talk to and so will you. If you leave without their blessing, who will you have to turn to when times are hard? and they will be at sometime. Think it over, do not think that you are different, life is a bitch sometimes. Good luck and be careful.

  11. S G said :

    In the UK it is 16. I think it is 18 in some parts of America (but less if you are going to fight in the army – can be shot at, bombed, left killed or badly injured but not allowed to travel without mummy or daddy!

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