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How old do you have to be to travel on airoplanes alone?

My son is 14 years old and lives with his mum 400 miles away in England. He wants to visit me and fly to my local airport. I don’t know if he can travel alone at the age of 14. Does anyone know?

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12 Responses to “How old do you have to be to travel on airoplanes alone?”

  1. Steph said :

    I’m pretty sure he can travel alone if there are arrangements made with the airline. They will watch him during the flight.

  2. Brady T said :

    I believe it’s age 12, but if younger I believe they can be supervised by a steward or stewardess.

  3. fantasia. said :

    Yes it should be OK but why not ask if he can have an escort on the journey. Airlines used to provide this service at one time but I am not sure whether this service is still available.

  4. nic nac said :
  5. the show show said :

    5 year olds can travel alone.
    He def. can.

  6. SunshineSmile said :

    Yes, he can travel alone. Just make the airline aware and he will be looked after by the cabin crew.

  7. Carlita said :

    I travelled alone from Chile to England since I was 11, and I remember kids as young as 6 travelling alone (being looked after the airline staff). Once I was 12, the airlines said legally I wasn’t their resposibility anymore but they still looked after me until I was about 13 as a goodwill gesture.

    I’m not sure if this has changed over the years, as I’m 25 now, but what really heped, for my first few flights, my mum typed detailed instructions on what I should do when travelling (signs to follow at each airport, what passport control would ask me etc etc)

  8. Andy W said :

    It depends on the airline, they all have different age limits

  9. luckilu said :

    Im no sure about other airlines, but on air tran their unaccompanied minor program is for 12 years or younger, but im sure you can request it.

  10. Harmony said :

    I have been traveling back and forth from the U.S to mexico and from the u.s to europe since I was 5. So I’m absolutley ceratin your son can too!

  11. LISA H said :

    i reckon 16 as you need you own passport

  12. Log cabin said :

    Wouldn’t you rather have a log cabin, more more eco friendly


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