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How much does it cost to travel by train from Florence to Rimini?

Have checked the trenitalia website, but it doesnt give any indication of price. And what is the best way to travel to Tavullia from Rimini?

Thanks in advance!

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3 Responses to “How much does it cost to travel by train from Florence to Rimini?”

  1. --Flavia-- said:

    ( Firenze S. M. Novella to Bologna Centrale )
    1 class 38€ / 2class 28,5€

    (Firenze Rifredi to Bologna Centrale ) (intercity train)
    1 class 36€ / 2class 26,5€

  2. nomorecapri said:

    30 euro more or less

  3. martox45 said:

    Are you going to pay a visit to Valentino Rossi ??
    If you must go to Tavullia I guess the best is to take a train from Florence to Pesaro (10 miles far from Tavullia) and at Pesaro’s station take a local bust to Tavullia.
    If you want reach Rimini and then go to Tavullia best way is to take again a train from Rimini to Pesaro and then a local bus from Pesaro’s station to Tavullia (there is a goodl bus service but just during the day, at night you must take a taxi/cab.)
    The train ticket from Florence to Pesaro (one way) has an average cost of € 40 in first class and € 30 in second class (cost differs a bit depending on the type of train – ES Eurostar being the more expensive).
    Don’t forget on ES trains seat reservation is mandatory.
    In the Trenitalia website you can check prices, buy tickets, etc., you just need to learn how to do.
    Here’s a link to an example page.
    You may reach this page from the regular Trenitalia website in English
    then you fill up with destinations, time and day
    type SEND and you get this page
    type the “buy” symbol corresponding to yr choice and you get this page
    now you must choose the rate (usually is standard)
    and you get this page
    it goes automatically to the second class. If you want the first class you must change it. From this page you can choose and reserve your seat if you’re buying the ticket on line and you’ve made the login (though not available for all the types of trains).
    Should you need for further info feel fre emailing me (click on my profile for email address).


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