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How do you travel from Shanghai to Chongqing?

Can you tell me how do you travel from Shanghai to Chongqing? To save time, I want to go from Shanghai at night, so that I could arrive in Chongqing in the early morning. Is it a good idea to travel by train in this case?

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2 Responses to “How do you travel from Shanghai to Chongqing?”

  1. greg m said :

    You could fly – its about 3 hours 35 minutes, costing 1240 RMB. Train is the most popular mode of transport in China – but this would be a long one – 29 hours, costing between 213 and 613, depending on the class of ticket. hard sleeper which would be (My) minimum requirement is 394. – there seems to be only one train – leaving in the afternoon arriving the next evening

  2. stephen g said :

    Having lived in china for four years I would travel by train, the only draw back is chinese people will ask asking you where are you from, how long have you been in china, do you like chinese food, do not worry they only want to practice there english, you will also find the chinese people are on the whole frendly and helpfull


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