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How can I travel to the Philippines for free?

I recently met a wonderful girl from Cebu and want to travel there to meet her and her family and possibly move there. I don’t have a lot of money and was curious about free travel.

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13 Responses to “How can I travel to the Philippines for free?”

  1. LittleWing said :

    hitch hike, swim, build a boat and sail there or get your hands on a plane. Cmon man i don’t think getting to the phillipines for free is really going to be possible.

  2. Russell said :

    If you were a pretty young girl……….

  3. harryt62 said :

    If she learns you don’t have money she will leave you, or treat you like garbage, then leave. In the beginning she will be nice because they all think Americans are secretly millionaires.

  4. Naz said :

    yes man Filipino girls like to rip guys off.. and they think American guy is a good hunt lol

  5. Jacinto Luis Smells Adobo said :

    It would be wise to postpone your trip until you are financially able to go to the country. Her family may feel insulted. Most people have high expectations from foreign men who come to marry.

  6. clncarplz said :

    Maybe you should join the navy! You do know that there is expenses in living here? To extend your visa every 2 months will cost about $100 for example. Even if you do get free transportation here you will need a passport from your home country. Your girlfriends family will want to take you out to eat – which means YOU are expected to pay. Don’t even expect to come over & spend less than $200 per week.

  7. annely said :

    Excluding unlikely possibilites and/or situations, no. You can try getting your hands on a private boat or jet, but that technically isn’t free. You can try swimming to the Philippines and hoping that you find the island of Cebu among our 7,107 islands before dying of exhaustion and drowning. You can try hiding in a suitcase and hope you don’t die of suffocation in the 21 or so hours it will take you to get to the Philippines assuming you’re coming from North America. That’s assuming that customs officials don’t find you and decide to blacklist you. Good luck!

  8. SWINEFLUOVER said :

    befriend a gay filipino and ask him you want to see his beautiful country.

  9. Mystic said :

    Ask a friend who will be traveling to the Philippines to put you in his suitcase. In the meantime, try to lose weights, I think the maximum allowed weight for accompanied baggage/box is only 40 kg.

  10. Gman said :

    Be very careful!!!

  11. aimdeep said :

    swim, run,walk anything you can think of.

  12. 88s said :

    if you have no money you cant move would be fed to the dogs

  13. DaveW said :

    Congrats on meeting a filipina they are wonderful women. You will not be able to live there you are only allowed to be in the country I believe for 21 days on your passport. In order to live there you must be able to prove that you can support yourself and have so much money in a Philippines bank.


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