How can I kill time in my flight layover ?

Having a long layover in an unfamiliar place can be boring and stressful, but you can make the most out of it if you have a few hours to kill. There is more option that you may think of to take advantage of the time you have in between your flights. Here are some pointers to consider making your layovers enjoyable and fun.

If you have a couple of hours to kill in between flights, why not go out of the airport and check for restaurants, go sightseeing or just simple enjoy foreign cities unfamiliar to you. Have some fun exploring, you will definitely find something that will make you feel welcome.

Some airports offer travelers spa treatments that you may want to consider. These treatments will make you relax and it is definitely layover stress buster. Airports in Denver, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Chicago, Miami and Seattle now offer these kinds of services. Airport spas include pedicures, facials, massages and even oxygen therapies, which are good time killers and good for you. You can also get souvenirs from airport shops that relates to their city theme.

You might also feel some muscle contractions on your flight’s first leg; you can take a brisk walk throughout the airport to bring the blood circulation of your body back to normal. This way, you will get an energy boost for your next flight and you did a good exercise. You can also take advantage of layovers to catch up on calls, make your layover time productive by making business calls or to be in contact with family or friends.

If you have laptops, you can find hook-ups in most airports to gain access on the internet. If not, there are shops that offer internet service for fee. This will allow you cruise around the cyberspace on your layover.

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