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How can I get a U.S passport quickly ?

The traditional way of getting a US passport is falling in line for sixty days at the D.C. office, which involves red tape and the uncertainty if your passport can make it before your flight. If you want to save yourself from the hustle and get a US passport in an easier and faster way, you might consider these following tips.

You can have your passport service to expedite your passport for you; you can search online to get the list of sites that offer passport expedition. You can see the section for travel resources where the application for a passport or Visa is posted. It will be a walk in the park once you are there, the sites will give you the systematic process on how to apply for a US passport. All you need now is your photo and some requirements.

On the site, you will be given options on the type of passport that you are applying for such as first time passport, a renewal or you just want your name change in your current passport. Then, see the requirements for the passport that you are requesting and make sure to complete them. After completing the requirements, chose a time frame depending on your trip’s schedule, there could also be a paperwork needed such as your itinerary that you have to submit to prove the urgency of your passport request.

Once you completed the documents and sent your requirements, you can follow the instructions online and have someone else finish the process for you. If you have any questions or you wanted to make a follow up on your passport, helpful customer assistance is available over the phone. After verifying your documents, you can choose any return delivery services to have it back. Your passport will be sent to you by the return delivery address that you chose along with the documents you submitted.

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