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How can I bungee jump in New Zealand ?

If you are the adventurous type, bungee jumping will definitely give you the rush. You can bungee jump even to the place where it starts, New Zealand. In the 1980s, bungee jumping started in New Zealand and immediately became an extreme sport recognized internationally. Bungee jumping was derived from the people of Vanuatu in the south pacific where they do this a little different unlike the modern bungee jumps.

If you want to bungee jump in New Zealand, think of the type of package trip you want to take. There are many places to go backpacking and have some outdoor adventures in New Zealand where they are known. Find a place to stay and see if their hotel accommodation fits your taste.

Once you made your decision, fly to New Zealand via Qantas airways or Air New Zealand to get great package deals. You can even choose your own stop over in places like Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands and other great places on your way to New Zealand.

After landing in New Zealand and getting a hotel to stay, you can ask attendants for a bungee jumping package. Make sure to read review, comments and ask for references and make many inquiries to be sure of your safety. You can also check websites on bungee jumping and call them directly or book online to include transportation to make it cheaper.

Next is choosing the location in New Zealand where you want to make your jump. This time, you have to take your time in making your decision. New Zealand offers different kind of sceneries, you may feel bad after bungee jumping and knowing that there is place where you jump more. The location definitely depends on your taste. If you have budget, this will be no problem.

Bungee jumping in New Zealand cost about a hundred to three hundred fifty NZD for packages that include top jumps. If you are already there, take a deep breath and avoid just falling off, jump a little or the extreme experience in bungee jumping.

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