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How can I beat my fear of flying ?

Many people have a fear of flying and unfortunately, overcoming this fear may not be easy. However, it is always best to conquer any kind of fears so you could live life to the fullest, see the world and enjoy each flight. Here are some tips to get you started:

If you’re going on a leisure trip and you plan to fly, choose locations that would require only a 2-hour ride, instead of 5 hours or more. This way, you won’t be too anxious in dealing your fears. The second thing you need to do is determine the source of your fears. Once you’re on a 2-hour flight, contemplate on finding what really bothers you when you’re on the plane – is it loss of control, height, plane crash or other issues?

If you haven’t flown before, it’s time to get a ticket and experience it for yourself. Many people with fear of flight usually haven’t had a chance to get on a place and travel. Since your fear is the unknown, once you force yourself to ride a plane and travel, the worst would be over in just a few hours. Most of the time, first-time passengers conquer their fear of flying after just one ride.

Whether it’s your first time flying or not, it is best not to focus on the flying. Instead, focus on the destination – think about how you’ll spend the night at the beach, how much you miss your relatives you’ll be visiting, how you’d feel to relax at a spa package tour or any other details you’d like to do once you land.

If you feel anxious or panicky on the plane, use breathing techniques to induce relaxation and improve your mood as you fly. If it doesn’t work, distract yourself by talking to the person next to you, listening to music, reading a magazine or watching the movie on board. You’ll be surprised how time flies when you’re enjoying the ride.

Fear of flying is a hard thing to overcome, but taking small steps to conquer this fear makes a huge difference.

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2 Responses to “How can I beat my fear of flying ?”

  1. Capt Tom Bunn LCSW said :

    The ONLY reason people find fear of flying hard to overcome is that most of the help available is not very effective.

    I set up the SOAR program twenty-six years ago to find methods that work. It wasn’t easy. Psychologists I hired were not helpful. Hypnotism was “hit or miss”.

    Finally, I went to grad school myself to become a therapist — in addition to being an airline captain — and still it took several years to develop a way to help everyone.

    Difficulty with flying is caused by insufficient ability to regulate feelings when facing uncertainty.

    I have tried to give a good understanding of the cause and cure of fear of flying in videos at and at

  2. Melissa said :

    Artikelnya sangat membuhul sekali, sahaya tunggu artikel menarik lainnya, terimakasih berjenis-jenis…


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