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How can I avoid jet lag ?

If you are a frequent flier and you cannot overcome the feeling of jet lag even if you’ve travelled the whole world, there is still hope for you. Follow these simple tips and make your flight as relaxing as it can be and get off the plane as if you just took a couple of blocks ride on a bus.

The first trick is actually reserving as much water as you can before you board a plane. Drink as much water as you can twenty-four hours before your flight. Riding on a plane is harshly dehydrating, which is the main cause of jet lag. Relaxation also plays a vital role in preventing jet lag. Once you are airborne, you can listen to your favorite, relaxing music, deeply breath and just relax.

To maintain your body and muscle’s circulation, a walk around the plane would be very helpful. Do a little bit of walking every one to two hour. This way, you can keep your body adjusted and so as keeping your muscle in a proper working order. Take some time to apply body and facial moisturizers during your flight. Along with the rest of your body, your skin can get dehydrated as well and moisturizers somehow keep some of your body moisture in.

During your flight, you can ask attendants for water. Don’t be afraid in asking for water and constantly asking flight attendants to come over, they are trained for it and totally used to giving a glass or a bottle of water from time to time. After your flight, stimulate your endorphins by doing some exercise and try to go out for a sunshine, you will need as much as you can. Research proves that the more you spend time outside, the faster you can cope with the new time difference.

The most difficult part in avoiding jet lag is staying awake. Try not to sleep in your flight and wait until it is night time in the place you arrived.try not to drink anything with caffeine to stay awake, this actually makes this step harder. You can drink natural fruit juice or plenty of water to give you energy and it will also rehydrate your body. You can sleep any time at night and try to wake up on a normal time in the morning to make your schedule normal.

Following these tips may not totally remove jet lag from your daily trips, but would definitely reduce the feeling until you overcome jetlag.

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